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When you partner with AEBN, you partner with a company that is recognized globally for its innovative approach to adult entertainment. As the innovator of Video-On-Demand, we have kept in-step with consumer preferences and, for the past decade, our smart ideas in VOD have made lots of money for our affiliates. Put our ten-plus years of experience to work for you with a white label theater. One of the many creative and personalized solutions AEBN offers to boost your bottom line, white label theaters match the look and feel of your current site. That means greater customer retention and more converted traffic, which in turn means increased sales. Our extensive VOD network is home to over 100,000 movies in any niche imaginable, including thousands of exclusive titles. The recent launch of our powerful new Silverlight Media Platform transforms our entire library into a thoroughly engaging and highly interactive desktop or mobile experience by allowing your customers easy access to the movies they want to see. They can also watch movies while they browse, create playlists of their favorite scenes and quickly access recently viewed titles. With four convenient viewing options, including Pay-Per-Minute, Rentals, Downloads and XXX2Burn, white label theaters are the easiest way to give your clientele exactly what they are looking for. Silverlight Media lets them experience their favorite adult movies in a whole new light. And now, with the new Free Preview feature, your customers can sample movies to help them decide what to watch!

Build a White Label Theater

Anything is possible when style and substance meet. Show off your exceptional flair for style with AEBN's Theater Builder tool. A model of ingenuity, Theater Builder gives you all the necessary building blocks to easily construct and maintain a white label theater with your signature look and feel. Stop traffic leaks and seamlessly integrate over 100,000 movies, hundreds of exclusive titles and multiple viewing options into your site without missing a beat. Only AEBN offers you this much crucial substance to go along with your unique style.

Target Your Niche

To stay on top, you need to stay relevant. Whether your clientele is Straight or Gay, Black or White, rooted in the mainstream or drawn to more eclectic fare, AEBN's tremendous arsenal of specialized content will undoubtedly garner favor from even the savviest porn connoisseurs. Today's consumers want more choice and greater variety, and they want a level of personalization that suits their individual needs. Our white label theaters take the guesswork out the equation, targeting the specific needs of your clients with an unprecedented array of categories and niches.

Sales Tools

Success is much easier to achieve when you have the proper tools at your disposal. Our innovative sales tools are the perfect way to promote your white label theaters and to improve your bottom line. From banners and buttons, to galleries and video players, our sleek and elegant designs offer powerful, multi-faceted solutions to effectively target your key demographics and to satisfy all your promotional needs. Whether your goal is to champion new theater releases with our amazing Hosted Movie Update Tool, to tap into the viral capabilities of tubesites with our TubeFeeder option, or to provide catalog-wide search capabilities from any website or blog with our powerful VOD Search Widget, our unique variety of sales tools are a fun and effective way to engage your customers, generate more click-throughs and make more money.

Advanced Theater Functionality

Attention to detail is important. In business, the little things can mean a big difference to your bottom line, which is why we've added a higher level of functionality to all of our affiliate theaters. These advanced features give you the power to analyze data, target traffic and optimize your content across search engines. While some might call that being a control freak, we at AEBN like to call it being control smart.

Google Analytics gives you robust and timely information with regard to traffic flow and marketing effectiveness, so you can hone your strategies, generate more pass-throughs and achieve more conversions.

CNAME records map host names to another hostname, giving you the option to create multiple aliases that link back to a single IP address. As an example, instead of your theater appearing as it can appear as providing an enhanced seamless integration into your site.

Meta tags allow you to insert keyword text into your theaters source code. This provides search engines with important information about the contents of your theater to optimize search results.

Multiple configuration options, give you the ability to customize content, colors, graphics and target audience by way of the front door or throughout the theater as a whole.

With advanced theater functionality, AEBN gives you more control over the little things that can add up to a lot of money.

World Class Customer Support

The wheels of business are constantly in motion. At AEBN, we know that cultivating your financial goals is not just a day job. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is available by phone, email and live chat to give you the timely support and the detailed answers that are so critical in today's non-stop business environment. Any inquiry that demands your time, demands solid answers. No matter where or what time of day, our staff is here to help.

Accepted Currencies and Geo-Targeted Billing

AEBN offers Geo-Targeted Billing solutions. Geo-Billing detects the physical location of your customers wherever in the world they happen to be and automatically bills them based on their country's currency. Geo-Targeted-Billing makes the calculation of exchange rates obsolete.

Translated Sites

Money is the universal lexicon; it is a language that everybody understands. To be a global force in business, however, it is important to communicate with your clients in a more personalized way. As a worldwide innovator in adult entertainment, AEBN offers white label theaters and branded sites in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese. That means youll have exactly the right words and the flexibility you need to compete in a rapidly changing global marketplace, without losing anything in translation.

Webmaster Referral Program

Diversification is one of the keys to financial freedom. From white label theaters, to content-rich feeds, to our revolutionary RealTouch device, AEBN gives you access to the most diverse collection of incredible money-making opportunities anywhere. In addition, our webmaster referral program is perhaps the easiest way to generate a steady stream of lasting income. For every new webmaster you refer to AEBN, you'll earn a 5% share of all member revenue from that referral. You've never been rewarded so handsomely for doing so little.


Timely feedback is an essential ingredient for increasing revenue. When the heart of your business lies in a visual medium, seeing the results of your efforts is just as critical as overseeing the ways and the means. AEBN uses a comprehensive reporting system to meticulously track your sales figures and your membership numbers so you always have the most up-to-date site evaluation data. Seeing is believing, and with our detailed reports, there has never been an easier or more quantitative way to watch your membership grow and your monthly revenue soar.

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